Our Story

Our Story

We are Kate and Paul, with Ellie making us a small trio! She’s our now 16-year-old daughter and the one being that completes our human family but with so many 4-legged friends in the house it gets a little crazy at times and anything but small.

Moving to the Snow Goose was the final missing piece in our family life puzzle and completes us in absolutely every way… It was like coming home the day we sat in this unloved pile of chipped paint, frail torn carpet and an abused charismatic charm that was hidden behind dim lights and negative reputation.

Our story?? … Not so much our story, more of like our little dream.
A dream we are lucky enough and delighted to say has become a reality. Combined, Paul and myself have well over 50 years’ experience in hospitality. Mine for a large well-known PLC and most of Pauls with independent establishments.

Myself and Paul popped in to the Snow Goose as we knew it would be quiet and we wanted to have a serious discussion about our future within the life industry we joined and still felt committed to and what was the best thing for us as a Family unit. Whilst sat there the anxiety I had been feeling for some time vanished. I felt extremely relaxed and somewhat at home! I started to discuss how behind its frail exterior I could actually visualise how this pub should be, I think in those 3 minutes I’d never felt more excited, well in the previous months before anyway, I guess you could say I found my Mojo. Paul could see it too, if only just how passionate I had momentarily become. He googled it (thank you google) and this was to deliver some news of pure fate… It was for SALE!

The Snow Goose and ourselves really did find each other at the right time and it was almost a case of love at first sight. As a child my Nanny Barnett would bring us in here when it was a carvery (I’m going back 30 plus years) this was, at the time considered a real treat. The building since its hay day however become dilapidated and in need of some love and much TLC seeing only short intervals when it was rewarded with a lick of paint and a new light bulb.

Perfect timing because We had craved getting in to fresh food and doing so with in a building that could be the heart of a community.

All this blended with making choices for ourselves and being free to follow the food ethic that we are truly so passionate about. Its an Ethos which is only possible when working independently and from the heart which incorporates real people with the honesty of Providing pub food, done right, simple! Where value equals premium and quality, but only ever at Fairtrade prices. With the belief that you should only use local businesses therefore supporting the local economy and only buying British wherever possible. All our meat is reared in Hampshire and we only use Alf Turners butchers based in north town as they are 3rd generation butchers who have a work ethos that we are simply in awe of.

Our fruit and vegetables are from a local supplier who delivers daily having been to Covent garden where he selects the highest quality and the freshest of items.

As well as only using local tradesmen, e.g. plumbers and more visually using a lady just down the road who handmade all our curtains. It just feels the right thing to do, not only in support but through reducing our carbon footprint.

Paul designs the menu following seasons but also uses feedback from our customers. We also have a selection of specials available for items that may have a shorter season life or where guests have made special requests, we will often try something on the specials board to assess its popularity for potential introduction of menu dishes.

We don’t have the largest menu, but we confidently serve the freshest, as those in the business will be aware when a large menu is involved a fresh food menu is impossible to deliver unless you are using freezers.

From day of opening we pledged to reinvest for the first 3 years and we are delighted to say in the first 2 already we have seen so much change. From the new play area equipment and benches in the Family garden to the introduction of animals like Lilly & Blossom our resident pigs as well as our 2 rabbits and 5 Guinea pigs and of course not forgetting Russell our Golden Retriever who is often down stairs getting to know people or sleeping.