The Snow Goose Animals

Who’s who!

Well everyone knows Russell our Golden Retriever. Born 2015 he didn’t have the best start but he made our family complete when he came to us at 4 months old. He took to pub life immediately and we don’t just mean the abundance of pork scratchings and treats he’s offered but all the tummy rubs and human kindness that are on tap every day. We do always stress though if dogs aren’t your thing then just let us know and with Russell told he’ll leave you well alone. Russell is discouraged of course from going in to the dining room so if you want to say ‘hi’ then pop into the lounge to see him, avoid calling him in as he doesn’t like getting told off by his human guardians.

He loves the company of other dogs so if your four-legged friend is as happy as he is to see other dogs then pop down, we love seeing cute hounds of all shapes and sizes. We were fortunate enough to be joined by 2 other fur babies in Bromley (Russell & Bromley) and finally by the latest Brian, all the dogs can be seen around from time to time and are all very friendly, Brian’s partial to a bark but we put that down to small man syndrome.  Doggy treats are always here and a bowl will always be popped your pooches way along with a bowl of our freshest hound H2O, should you also forget your poop bag then there’s always plenty available. Although Russell is not on a lead he is trained not to leave the pub as are the others, he doesn’t understand the word walkies as we use a code word. We do ask however that all gates are kept closed for the safety of everyone, especially children visiting us.

Micro Pigs
Nothing Micro about Lily & Blossom. They are referred to as the Duchesses, now 4 years old they are both spoilt rotten and are exercised regularly to keep the lbs off. Pigs are by nature exceptionally friendly, but when they are hungry, they’re hungry, so as a safety precaution we have had a double gated enclosure built so little hands can’t make their way in and be nipped by mistake, we can’t lie, if an accident occurs it will hurt. So please don’t let little ones climb over the first gate, we do at various times open the first gate, so kids can have a supervised closer look but sadly entry into the actual pen is prohibited for animal welfare act reasons due to us being the business we are.

The Rabbits

Peter & Milo are the house rabbits and they both love visitors although at times they are a little shy they like people saying hi!. They have had several homes but we finally found the one and it keeps them cosy with plenty of space to move about. They have great company as their semi-detached house is connected to the 4 Guinea ladies what lunch constantly on salad and veg!!

The Guinea Pigs

The 5 piece were reduced to a 4 when we lost Popcorn in lockdown 2020, Brenda, Pearl, Dee Dee and Millie they have always been our favourite small animals as we have always had them be it as house pets or externally living ones. Both the Rabbits and Guineas will often be moved in to our house during a particularly cold winter and will remain their till spring so they can acclimatise to the temperature before going back outside, so don’t be alarmed if you pop in and they’re not about. Yes, yes I would also bring the pigs in but Paul draws a line at that!!

The Hens

I have always wanted chickens, they are so sociable and incredibly friendly. We have 12 and that’s a lot of eggs so we decided to use them on our menu and all I can say is it doesn’t get fresher than that!!

They are free range and if you ever want to say “hello” please just ask and we can take you through to the Hen Haven where you can see them out and about. Chickens are exceptionally friendly and once the “pecking” order is established they all get on great, they are naturally curious and inquisitive digging around and checking things out.

The brand “Happy Hens” in the shop is titled with reason, we now know why they’re called that and how it came about. When our hens our happy the egg count goes up and as our hens are sooooo happy you will often here them clucking out as they lay a fresh one. The ladies gifts are used on the menu and you can really taste the difference in them, not only do they look different visually in colour and form but the taste is something else so if you having eggs with your Ham or Breakfast then from us and the Girls, Please enjoy!

All our eggs are brought to you by our 12 gorgeous ladies:

Princess Layer, Victoria Peckham, Eggy Mitchell, Vera Cluckworth, Christina Beakley, May Breast, Me-Shell Obhama, Dame Vera Wing, Hennifer Lopez, Chick Van Dyke, Yolko Ono and Feather Small!

Thank you ladies, we love you!!