About us

About us

We are a fresh food family pub serving up homemade food daily, with the traditional addition on a Sunday of the all time favourite The Sunday Roast, where the menu changes every Sunday and always offers a choice of 3 meats served up with the lush favourites that have made this Sunday serving so famous.

Our main menu is offering a small selection with a scrumptious variety of classics. We are honest in what we prepare and are doing our best to do the right thing, by using local farmers offering the fairest prices and always above all else offering quality. This ethos leaves us with a clear conscious of our responsibility to this planet and the direct community to which we are so grateful and enjoy serving.

Allergies and food precautions
We are bespoke, the beauty I guess of fresh food, so all allergies and special dietary requirements as well as preferences can be catered for, simply ask.

Following Plan or counting calorie intake?
We also offer many of our menu items to be prepared and cooked to a dietary plan you may be following, again the beauty of fresh food.

We do suggest when booking that you mention any allergies or requirements/preferences.